Adrenal Corticoids I. Introduction 281

II. Anatomy. Development and Cellular Fine Structure of the Adrenal Cortex 283

A. Glucocorticoid Target* 284

III. Chemistry and Biochemistry 285

A. Glucocorticoids and Stress 285 Ö. Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) 291

C. Mode of Action of Releasing Hormones (e.g., CRH) 291

D Mode of Action of ACTH 291 E Sources of Cholesterol and Production of Glucocorticoid* 293

F. Mechanism of Secretion of Glucocorticoids 294

G. Transport of Glucocorticoids in the Blood (CBG) 294

H Feedback Effects of Glucocorticoids 295

IV. Biological and Molecular Actions 295

A. Molecular Actions of Glucocorticoids 293

B. Glucocorticoids. Analogs, and Antiglucocorticoid Compounds 301

C Catabohsm of Glucocorticoids 304

D. Drugs Antagonizing Glucocorticoids 304

E. Anti-inflammatory Actions 305 V. Glucocorticoid Receptor 306

VI. Zona Reticularis and

Dehydroepiandrosteione 310

VII. Mineralocorticoid Hormone 310

A. Introduction 310

B. Aldosterone-Producing System 313

C. Aldosterone Receptor 314

D. Aldosterone Antagonists 315

E. Aldosterone Metabolism 315

VIII. Clinical Aspects 315

A. Glucocorticoids 315

B. Mineralocorticoid* and Androgens 315 C Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and

Others 317 References 317

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