Hypothalamic Releasing Hormones

I. Introduction 87

II. Anatomical, Morphological, and Physiological Relationship* 90

A. Hypothalamus 90

B. Blood Supply of Hypothalamus 91

C. Electrical Connection┬╗ from the 8rain to the Hypothalamus 91

D. The Neuron 91 HI. Chemistry 92

IV. Biochemistry 96

A. Location of Releasing Hormones in the Centra] Nerv ous System %

B. Secretion of Releasing Hormones and General Actions 99

C Specific Regulators of Releasing Hormones and Anterior Pituitary Hormone Release 99 D. TRH and CnRH Receptors 100 E Molecular Mechanisms of Action 101

V. Clinical Aspects 104 References 107

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