General Considerations of Hormones

I. Overview of Hormones, Receptors, and Endocrinology 1

A. Introduction 1

B. Classes of Hormone Molecules 2

C. Classification of Hormonal Communication Systems 2

D. General Concept of a Hormone Receptor 7

E. Hormone* and Cascade Systems 8

II. Biosynthesis of Hormones 9

A. Introduction 9

B. Biosynthesis of Peptide and Protein Hormones 9

C. Regulation of Hormone Secretion 15

D. Oncogene* and Hormones 17

III. Hormone Receptors 17

A. Cellular Organization 17 B Membrane Receptors 19 C Intracellular Receptors 27

D Measurement of Hormone-Receptor Interactions 29

E. Regulation of Hormone Receptors 32

IV. Mechanism of Hormonal Action 33

A Hormone Entry into Target CellĀ« 33

B. Receptor-Mediated Transmembrane Signaling 34

C Steroid Hormone Regulation of Gene Transcription 44) V. Summary 46 References 46

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