Hormones and Cancer I. Introduction 513

II. Relation of Some Hormones to Carcinogens and Development of Cancer from Inappropriate Hormonal Treatment 513

III. Hormone-Related Treatment of Cancer 514

IV. Hormone Receptor Status of Breast Cancers 517

V. Ectopic Production of Hormones by

Tumor Cells 519 VI. Oncogenes and Hormonal

Functions 520 VII. Conclusion 523 References 523

Appendix A

Compilation of Most Known Hormones in Higher Mammals and Humans 525

Appendix B

Human Blood Concentrations of Major Hormones 531

Appendix C

Clinically Relevant Endocrine Disorders 535

Appendix D

The Genetic Code 539

Appendix E

Amino Acid Abbreviations 541 Appendix F

Units of Measurement in Biological Systems 543

Index 545

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