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FIGURE 1-44 Evaluation of the transcriptional activity of mutants of the human glucocorticoid receptor (A), the carboxy-terminal end, and (B) the amino-terminal end of the receptor. The top of each panel shows the intact glucocorticoid receptor with 777 amino acids. Each of the domains is indicated: open box (IMM), the immunogenic region; solid black rectangles, the DNA-binding domain; stipples, the ligand-binding domain. The receptor constructs of panels A and B are prepared via site-directed mutagenesis. In (A), where truncation mutants are evaluated, the numbers with asterisks indicate the last amino acid of the receptor before the COOH-terminal nonsense peptide. In (B), where deletion mutants are evaluated, the numbers indicate amino acids bounding the deletion. These mutant receptors were constructed via standard, but complex,

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