Hormones of Pregnancy and Lactation

I. Introduction 387

A General Comments 387

B. Sequence of Events in Reproduction 387

II. Anatomical and Morphological Relationships 388

A. Implantation 388 B Fetal Placental-Decidual Unit 388 C Mammary Glands 390

III. Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biological Responses 391

A. Pregnancy 391 B Parturition 398

C. Lactation 399

IV. Cell Biology and Molecular Actions 400

A. Hormonal Aspects of Fertilization 400

B. Sex Determination 401

C. Pregnancy 405

D. Breasts and Lactation 406 V. Clinical Aspects 409

A. Pregnancv-Gestational \eoplasms 409

B. Anomalies of Sex Determinants 409

C. Breast Cancer 410

D. Galactorrhea 411 References 411

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