Minutes relative to start of suckling figure 14-22 Changes in plasma oxytocin (•) and prolactin (O) concentrations before and during suckling. Modified with permission from McNeilly, A. S., I. C., Robinson, M. J., Houston, and P. W. Howie, (1983). Release of oxytocin and prolactin in response to suckling. British Medical Journal, 286, 257-259.

Klinefelter's syndrome or seminiferous tubule dysgenesis is the most common cause of male hypogonadism; it results from an extra X chromosome to give an XXY genotype. Such individuals are characterized by the presence of small testes, gynecomastia (partial breast development), azoospermia, and elevated gonadotropins.

Subjects with Turner's syndrome are female and have a single X chromosome; they are usually small

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