1. Introduction 341

A General Comments 341 B Characteristics of a Male 341

II. Anatomical and Morphological Relationships of the Male Reproductive System 342

A Introduction 342 B Testes 342 C. Duct System 343 D Accessory Structures 344 E Spermatozoa and Semen 344

III. Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biological Responses 345

A. Steroid Hormones 345 B Steroid Hormone-Binding Globulin 348 C Peptide Hormones 348

IV. Physiological Relationships 350

A. Hypothabmus-PituiUry-Testicular Axis 350

B l.evdig Cell Control and Function 351

C. Seminiferous Tubule Function 351

D. Spermatogenesis 353


V. Molecular Actions 355

A. Production of Steroid Hormones 355 B Cellular Mechanisms of Action{s> of Androgen* 355

VI. CUnical Aspect* 358

A. Prostatic Cancer 358 B Steroid 5o-Rcductase Deficiency 358

C. Male Hypogonadism 359

D. Cryptorchidism 359

E. Gynecomastia 339

F. Anabolic Steroids 359 C. Infertility 359

H. Male Contraception 359 References 359

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