(Growth hormone releasing hormone; somatocrinin; releases growth hormone) 1 10 20 Y-A-D-A-I-F-T-N-S-Y-R-K-V-L-G-Q-L-S-A-R-K-l-L-Q-D-I-M-S-30 40 44

*Denotes pyroglutamyl

*Denotes pyroglutamyl

**Denotes amide of C-terminal amino acid; prolinamide in TRH, glycinamide in GnRH, alanylamide in CRH or leucinamide in GRH.

FIGURE 3-8 Sequences of known hypothalamic releasing and release-inhibiting hormones (see also Figure 8-10). One-letter abbreviations of amino acids are used in this figure. These abbreviations are listed in Appendix E.

control separate from CRH. In many vertebrates, the pars intermedia is a discrete structure and contains cells that produce proopiomelanocortin under the positive control of dopamine but not CRH, as in the cortico-troph. Whereas the corticotrophic products, after CRH

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