FIGURE 10-22 Mode of binding of steroid receptor to inverted repeats (P3) versus the binding of the vitamin D receptor to direct repeats (DR3). The orientation of the recognition element in the major groove is implied by the arrows of the DBD. The symmetrical dimerization region of the steroid receptor DBDs is indicated by white ovals, whereas the heterologous dimerization region of vitamin D is indicated by black and white ovals. Like the vitamin D receptor, other nuclear receptors that bind to direct repeats may form analogous heterologous associations. The hormone-binding domain, which has a stronger dimerization function, may form a symmetrical dimerization interface. The two domains may be linked by a flexible tether. Reproduced with permission from Luisi, B. F., Schwabe, J. W. R., and Freedman, L. P. (1994). The steroid/nuclear receptors: From three-dimensional structure to complex formation". Vitam. Horm. 49, 1-48.

SV40 T Antigen

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