FIGURE 15-10 Structural organization of atrial natriuretic peptides and their receptors. (A) Structural homology of the A, B, and C types of human ANP. In the 17-membered ring, amino acids that are identical are shown as open circles. Abbreviations: ANP, atrial natriuretic peptide; BNP, brain natriuretic peptide; CNP, C-type natriuretic peptide. Modified with permission from Sudoh et al. (1990). (B) Schematic representation of receptor classes for human ANP. Note: The terminology for designation of the receptors ANPR-A, ANPR-B, and ANPR-C does not coincide with the terminology for their preferred ligands ANP, BNP, and CNP. The solid lines connect the respective natriuretic peptide with its preferred receptor(s). TM: transmembrane region of the receptor. Modified with permission from Koller, J. K., Lowe, D. G., Bennett G. L. et al. (1991). Selective activation of the B-natriuretic peptide receptor by c-type natriuretic peptide (CNP). Science 252. 120-123.

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