Radioisotope dilution technique GHD, 223

Receptor antagonists

GHRH, 105 Receptor cloning and mutagenesis

MK.-0677 as GHRP-6 mimetic, 60 Receptors

GHD, 205 Receptor studies

MK-0677 as GHRP-6 mimetic, 59 Recombinant human growth hormone

(rhGH), 46 Regulatory mechanism

GHRH and somatostatin secretion, 192

Renal failure GHS, 324

GH secretion, 199,201 Replacement therapy biosynthetic hGH, 199 Resting energy expenditure (REE), 226, 286

Reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) GHAD, 183 RhGH

clinical applications, 46 Rpx (Rathke pouch homeobox), 173-175

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