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Naloxone, 193

Neonatal glucocorticoid deficiency, 205 Neuropeptide GHD, 205 Neurosecretory dysfunction, 196, 208211

Neurotransmitter defects

GHD, 204 Newborn period

GHD, 205 Nocturna! plasma GH profiles, 272f Non GHD short stature

GHS, 323, 324 Noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), 247 myocardial infarction, 9 pathogenic mechanisms, 248 Nonpeptide growth hormone secreta-gogues central actions, 85-92 Nutritional dwarfing GH secretion, 194

Obesity, 248, 249 GHRP-6, 32 GHS, 327

GH secretion, 199, 249, 250 GH treatment, 252—255

Obesity, fear of

GH secretion, 194 Octreotide, ¡13, 114 Oocyte expression cloning growth hormone secretagogue receptors, 70, 71 Oocyte expression systems, 71 Orally active MK-0677 animal evaluation, 57, 58 clinic, 58 discovery, 52—58 structure-activity studies, 52-57 Osteoporosis GH, 233, 243 GHD, 235-237 OTX (orthodenticlc homolog 1), 173 Ovary disease GHS, 328

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