Infusions of GHRP

In a perifusion experiment, somatotroph cells were infused with GHRP6 at a constant 100 nM concentration and GH concentrations measured in the peritusate as displayed in Fig. 6. By substituting for f in the expression given for p, and assuming the initial concentration of free receptors is f0, the following equation is obtained p(r,i, f) = kr(r + r0)[f* + (f0 - f*)e-Kt] = A + Be~Kt (10)

The amount of GH, h, in the perifusate is given by the differential equation dh/dt = p - \h (11)

where X is the perifusion rate. Solving this differential equation the following result is obtained h = A + B e-Kt -X X - K

This nonlinear model was fitted by least squares; the estimated curve is plotted in Fig. 6. Also plotted is the release rate of GH from the somatotrophs that results in this fitted curve.

Infusion with lOOnm GHRP6

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