Ghsr Relationship To Other Gpcrs

Sequence alignments performed at the nucleic acid and protein level show that the GHS-R cDNAs are highly related among different species (Figs. 4, 8). Protein database searches revealed that the GHS-R shares only limited amino sequence identity to other protein sequences. This observation suggests that the GHS-R may be the first member of a new subfamily of GPC-Rs within the rhodopsin/Family I group. Identity is centered in the transmembrane regions of the rhodopsin/Family I group of GPC-Rs, with ~35 and 29% overall identity with rat or human receptors for neurotensin (NT) and TRH, respectively. A dendrogram of the GHS-R and other GPC-Rs indicates its relatively isolated position: most closely positioned adjacent to the NT-R branch, but grouped separately (Fig. 8).

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