GH replacement, 227 Elderly. See also Adults GHRP-2, 33-38 GHS-R ligands, 10, 11 rhGH, 46 Eneephalocele

G H replacement, 227 Endocrine aberrations, 248, 249 Endogenous growth hormone secreta-

gogue (GHS), 204 Endogenous ligand

GH secretagogues, 89, 90

End organ targets and receptors, 179, 180

Energy expenditure, 286

GHD, 226 Energy metabolism, 289 Estradiol

GH secretion, 203 Ethical issues short-statured children, 212 Exercise

GH adequacy testing procedures, 183 GHD, 225

GH secretion, 89, 90 Exogenous GH, 203 Experimental endotoxemia

GH secretion, 193 Extracellular domain, 179, 180

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