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Preface v

Contributors ix

1 Overview of Human Growth Hormone:

Research and Clinical Practice 1

Roy G. Smith

Part I Research

2 GHRP Historical Perspective:

Basic and Clinical 17

3 The Design of Peptidomimetic Growth Hormone

Secretagogues 45

Arthur A. Patchett and Matthew J. Wyvratt

4 Molecular Characterization of Growth Hormone

Secretagogue Receptors 69

Andrew D. Howard, Scott D. Feighner, Roy G. Smith, and Lex H. T. Van der Ploeg

5 Central Actions of Peptide and Nonpeptide

Growth Hormone Secretagogues 85

Suzanne L. Dickson and Gareth Leng

6 Pharmacology of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone and Its Peptide Analogs 97

David H. Coy

7 Somostatin Receptor Subtypes and Regulation of GH Secretion 109

Gurkeerat Singh, George Liapakis, and Terry Reisine

8 Mathematical Modeling of the GH Release Axis 119

David Brown, Elinor A. Stephens, Gareth Leng, and Roy G. Smith

9 Activation of the Human Growth Hormone Receptor:

Structure and Function of the Ligand-Receptor Complex 131

Kenneth H. Pearce, Jr. and James A. Wells

10 The Central Nervous System as a Direct Target for Growth Hormone Action 145

Pamela A. Bennett and Iain C. A. F. Robinson viii Contents

Part II Clinical Practice

11 Molecular Defects of the Growth Hormone Axis 169

Linda Anne DiMeglio, Paul L. Hofman, and Ora Hirsch Pescovitz

12 Growth Hormone: Relevance to Pediatrics 191

Barry B. Bercu and Howard J. Heinze

13 Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults: The Rationale for Growth Hormone Replacement 221

Paul V. Carroll, Emanuel R. Christ, and Peter H. Sönksen

14 Growth Hormone and Osteoporosis 233

Howard B. A. Baum and Anne Klibanski

15 Growth Hormone and Syndrome X 247

Gudmundur Johannsson, Per Märin, Jan-Ove Johansson, and Bengt-Äke Bengtsson

16 Interactions Between Growth Hormone Secretion and Sleep 261

Eve Van Cauter and Georges Copinschi

17 Growth Hormone in AIDS 285

Kathleen Mulligan and Morris Schambelan

18 Clinical and Physiological Studies

With Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone 297

George R. Merriam and Fernando Cassorla

19 Clinical Use of Growth Hormone Secretagogues 315

Mark A. Bach and Glenn J. Gormley

Index 335

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