GH secretion, 201 Benign intra-cranial hypertension (BIH)

GH replacement, 227 Benzolactam 1

discovery, 46 Benzolactam 3, 46-47 Benzolactam growth hormone secretagogue structure, 47 f Benzolactam secretagogues directed screening, 46-49 discovery, 46-50 L-692,429 clinical evaluation, 48 MK-0677 as GHRP-6 mimetic, 59-62 orally active MK-0677 discovery, 52— 58

privileged structure approach, 50-52 privileged structure concept, 51, 52 privileged structure derealization, 52 spiroindanylpiperidine lead from screening, 50, 51 structure-activity relationships, 48, 49 Bioimpedance (BIA) method GHD, 223

BioinactiveGH, 178, 179 Biosynthetic GH, 199 Blood glucose serum insulin glucose disappearance rate, 254f Blood pressure

Syndrome X and GHD, 251, 252 Biood volume, 223 Body cell mass (BCM), 285 Body composition dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry

(DEXA), 288 GHD, 223, 224 GH therapy, 287-289 Body fat total body potassium, 253f Body water, 223 Bone accretion, GH and, 234 Bone density GH, 234

GH administration, 237-242 Bone fractures rhGH, 46 Bone metabolism GH, 9

GHD and GH replacement, 224 Bone mineral density

GHD and GH replacement, 224 lumbar spine measurement, 241 f Bone turnover

GH administration, 237—242 Burns, rhGH and, 46

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