Dissection of the Liver Parenchyma Figs 531 and 532

Starting at the demarcated line, make a cut along the plane formed by this line and the point that is the cut stump of the right segmental branch. It is extremely important to visualize the correct plane along which to cut. If the dissection is done just on the intersegmental plane, there will be no branches of the Glissonean pedicle, but only branches of the hepatic veins.

While the liver parenchyma is being cut, the main branch of the right hepatic vein appears, and it should be left intact. Continue the dissection along this hepatic vein, cutting only small hepatic veins coming from the right hepatic segments.

Dissection on the border between the right segment and the caudate area must be done on the paracaval triangle.

Fig. 5.31. Transection of right segmental branch

Fig. 5.32. Dissection of liver parenchyma. Some branches of right hepatic vein are transected. Main trunk of right hepatic vein should be left intact

Fig. 5.33. Dissection of liver parenchyma, showing main trunk of right hepatic vein just on the cut surface

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