Portal Placement

Two portals (anterolateral and anterior) are recommended for safe and adequate decompression of FAI and treatment of associated intraarticular pathologies. We have previously described a method of establishing the portals [22,23]. Using the 70° arthroscope, the anterolateral portal provides a view of the anterior triangle (anterior capsule, labrum, and anterior chondral surface of the femoral head), iliofemoral ligament, iliopsoas tendon, cotyloid fossa, liga-mentum teres, transverse ligament, and most of the acetabulum. The postero-superior labrum, posterior capsule, posterior recess, and ligamentum teres may be visualized through the anterior portal. Additionally, the anterior portal provides a good view of the anterior femoral neck, head-neck junction, zona orbicularis, and distal insertion of the capsular ligaments [22].

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