Blennius americanus Bloch and Schneider, 1801, American seas. OTHER COMMON NAMES

English: Muttonfish, yowler; French: Loquette d'Amérique. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Body eel-like but rather stout in adults. Pectoral fins large and fan-like. Pelvic fins have short splints. The dorsal and anal fins are continuous with the caudal fin; the dorsal fin has about 15-25 tiny spines at its rear. Background color usually muddy yellowish, tinged with brown above and becoming darker with age. Belly usually yellowish but can be olive-green. Mottling on the sides is brown, but the pattern is individually variable. Teeth are green in northern populations owing to predation on sea urchins. Scales are minute, round, and not overlapping.

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