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King mackerel is an important species for recreational, commercial, and artisanal fisheries throughout their range. Eight nations reported to FAO catches of 6.0-13.1 thousand tons (5.4-11.9 thousand metric tons) per year from 1991 to 2000, but several other countries combine king mackerel with other species of Spanish mackerel, so the total catch and the number of countries fishing for this species is higher. Commercial fisheries in the southeastern United States use hook-and-line, snapper hooks, gill nets, and trolled lure or small cut bait. In Brazil, gill nets and trolling are major ways of catching king mackerel. In the United States, sport fishing with hook-and-line is practiced in North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The all-tackle world game fish record is a 94-lb (42.18-kg) fish caught off San Juan, Puerto Rico. ♦

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