Ostracion cubicus


Ostraciidae taxonomy

Ostracion cubicus Linnaeus, 1758, India. other common names

French: Poisson cube; German: Gelbbrauner Kofferfisch; Afrikaans: Koffertije; Japanese: Minami-hakofugu.

physical characteristics

Boxlike body with bony plates, a steeply sloping forehead, a subterminal mouth, a thick caudal peduncle, and a relatively large, somewhat rounded caudal fin. The dorsal and anal fins are positioned well back, just forward of the caudal peduncle. Body color of adults is a dirty yellow with a blueish hue and yellow seams between the body's bony plates. Juveniles are an attractive bright yellow with small black spots. There are eight or nine soft rays in the dorsal fin, nine soft rays in the anal fin, and 10 caudal fin rays. Total length up to 11 in (28 cm).

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