Feeding ecology and diet

The clingfishes generally feed on smaller benthic invertebrates, but there are significant exceptions to this rule. Cling-fish diets, depending upon species, body size, and habitat, include various algae, crustaceans (including amphipods, copepods, small crabs and shrimps), polychaete worms, small bivalves, limpets and other gastropods, chitons, body parts of host sea urchins, and small fishes. Members of the genus Cochleoceps are cleaner fishes that remove ectoparasites from boxfishes, porcupinefishes, morwongs, and other species. The singleslits feed mainly on small benthic invertebrates. Cling-fishes are preyed upon by other fishes, shorebirds, and possibly crabs living in the intertidal zone.

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