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Example of tSNP design using SCN8a

We now provide a detailed illustration of these approaches using one of our studies of the SCN8A gene. The first step is to download and format the genotype data from the HapMap project website. An excel spreadsheet provides an efficient platform for data formatting, the principal steps being to order samples as trios, and to code genotypes according to the haplotype inference program used. Once haplotypes have been inferred, the researcher can proceed to tSNP selection.

Postquantification Data Analysis

Calculate a p value for each spot based on z, the number of standard deviations that the spot's log ratio departs from the mean of the Gaussian distribution, using the normal error integral (9) (see Note 18). The p value can be calculated easily in Microsoft Excel using the standard normal cumulative distribution function normsdist(-z). This p value for each spot represents the probability that the spot is contained within the distribution of nonspecifically bound spots. Thus, spots with very small p values in the heavy upper tail of the real distribution are likely to be bound sequence-specifically by the given DNA binding protein.

Biosurveillance Of The Healthcare System

An ISCP may utilize general purpose software such as Microsoft Excel, SAS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle to store and analyze surveillance data. It may use software specifically designed for infection control such as AICE, NNIS-IDEAS, QLOGIC II, Epidemic Information Exchange (Epi-X), and WHOCARE

Clinical Terms Related to the Cardiovascular System

In January 1986, volleyball champion Flo Hyman left the court during a game in Japan, collapsed, and suddenly died. Her aorta had burst, and death was instant. Hyman had Marfan syndrome, an inherited condition that also caused the characteristics that led her to excel in her sport her great height and long fingers (fig. 15J).

Case Study of a School Surveillance System

The project began formally with Board of Supervisors approval and authorization for the expenditure of project funds in June 2003.The County of San Diego contracted with Voxiva, a transnational company specializing in information solutions, to develop and customize Project SHARE as a dual web-telephony application. The objective was to allow higher and lower technology schools and school districts to collaborate on data entry by supporting data entry through both digital phone applications and Internet applications. Data collected through a password protected website or toll-free telephone portals are stored directly into a database. No confidential or student identifying information is collected. Rather, information is collected on a daily basis about overall attendance and the symptoms students experienced leading to health office visits. Reporting requires a minimal time commitment. The users of Project Share data (school nurses and health administrators) can monitor the...

Aging Research on Bats

From an evolutionary perspective, the exceptional longevity of bats is consistent with the evolutionary theory and the disposable soma theory of aging. The evolutionary theory of aging attributes senescence to the decreasing strength of natural selection with increasing age (Williams, 1957). This predicts that organisms that excel at escaping extrinsic mortality such as starvation, predation, disease, and accidents evolve to be long lived. Bats have terrestrial and aerial predators (e.g., snakes, opossums, owls, hawks) and are vulnerable to climate however, the exposure is low relative to nonflying mammals. Like birds, which also exhibit exceptionally long lifespan, bats are able to escape predation by flying, and many species will migrate or adjust body temperature and metabolic rate to avoid adverse food and weather conditions (Wilkinson and South, 2002 Barclay and Harder, 2003).

Hispanic Americans

Education is a key variable, as it is closely related to fertility through income levels. On average, Hispanics have less education, lower family incomes, and higher poverty rates than non-Hispanics. Among Hispanic women with less than 9 years of education in 1994, the TFR was 4.0 children per woman and 3.8 for 12 years of school (Lee, 1998). Hispanics probably have the lowest rates of high school and college graduation of any major population group. One possible explanation is that Hispanics did not have the same educational opportunities as other groups. Generations of Mexican Americans in the Southwest attended segregated low-quality schools and were not encouraged to excel. Some education specialists see the conflict between Hispanic student's background and the culture promoted in school as the root of Hispanic under-achievement. The pressure of assimilation somehow degrades their culture and families that, in turn, give them low-esteem. They are then stereotyped as...

Agricultural Databases

Much information above farm level has been aggregated, often because it is essential to organize payments and to monitor for quality and ensure traceability of products. For example, slaughterhouses, or beef processing plants, accept animals from feedlots for slaughtering and manufacturing of meat and meat-derived products. In the United States, three large beef processors dominate this part of the meat industry IBP, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods ConAgra, and Excel Corp., a subsidiary of Cargill. Of these, only ConAgra and Excel own feedlots company-owned feedlots account for a minority of the food animals shipped to slaughterhouses. Individual processing plants collect large amounts of information on animals that they slaughter however, the different companies record different amounts and type of data.

Word processors

Pocket PC users have a program called Pocket Word. Both this and Pocket Excel are included free with every machine. Most Palm-compatible machines also come with equivalent software, called Documents To Go (www.dataviz.com). If you regularly create documents in Microsoft Office (Word or Excel) then these are the programs for you. Their integration with both of these Office programs is powerful and professional and the display is a delight - just look at the pictures below. Pocket Excel Pocket Excel

Ure 1240

As primates, we humans enjoy a more multi-colored world than many other mammals. This is because the visual systems of non-primate mammals funnel input from groups of photoreceptor cells into the CNS. That is, several photoreceptors signal the same bipolar neurons, which in turn pool their input to ganglion cells. Primates are the only mammals to have three types of cones (others have two), and it appears that primates excel in color vision because the rods and cones connect individually to neural pathways to the brain.


First, although we got the GPs started by designing the logbook for them, HanDBase is simple enough for anyone to be able to quickly design their first database. Second, although it took a bit of time to perfect the database, it was quick to enter data into it and thus gain credit for every learning opportunity. Third, HanDBase is one software package I recommend unreservedly for its ability to work with so many other technologies. There are versions for the Palm and Pocket PC handhelds, as well as Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, the handheld versions beam information back and forth excellently (Chapter 14 showcases this fully). Finally, the data can be exchanged with Microsoft Access and other standard databases. The advantage of all this compatibility is that in the future, as the GPs change their handhelds, change their PCs and change their software, they are safe in the knowledge that their data will not be lost. sheer inconvenience of filling out all the paperwork. You should...


There are two standard approaches for the construction of the business and presentation layers the Web-application approach and the desktop-application approach. Web-based applications use an Internet browser as the presentation layer. The browser accesses a Web server and Web application server in the business layer. Desktop applications locate the presentation layer on a user's local computer. In the desktop application approach, the business layer may reside on the user's local computer or on a central server. An advantage of a desktop application approach is the ability for the program to interact with items on the user's computer, including other applications such as Excel, Access, and Word. However, the desktop application approach entails maintenance issues on the local desktop, which may involve significant expense if there are many users of the system. The software must be installed and maintained on each machine. Web-based applications have the...

Outcome study

Measurements of MP joint flexion, extension lag, and radial or ulnar deviation were obtained. Oppositional pinch and grip strengths were obtained for all time points apart from the 6-week postoperative period, where it was felt that over-exertion may displace the implant or cause soft-tissue injury. All data were collected using the standardized computer assisted hand measurement tools (Dexter system). Strength measurements were performed in triplicate and averaged. All data were organized on a standard excel spreadsheet and tabulated. A student t-test was used for all statistical comparisons. time point. The same patient who had the periprosthetic erosion at 1 year also represented the only case of resorption stress shielding seen at the 1-year mark. Despite radiographic findings, this patient has an excellent functional outcome and no pain.

Colony Assessment

Accurate and user-friendly record keeping programs are vital for optimizing the expression of the mutation, maximizing the number of viable offspring, and minimizing the potential confounding influence of background genes from breeder parents. Record keeping systems should incorporate a combination of written and computer-based records. Either a commercial colony management software system or standard Excel spreadsheets can be used to maintain a master list of every mouse that is ear tagged or otherwise marked for identification using tattoos, ear punches, subcutaneous transponders, or toe clipping. Items recorded in the master list include birth date, transgene name, generation, line, sex, parents, phenotype and genotype, and information about the specific project. Establishing a pedigree for each founder mouse that is mated is a vital part of the recording system. Customized cage cards for breeder cages provide a summary of the breeding activity for each cage. Customized weaning...