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(a) Draw the pairing arrangement of these chromosomes in prophase I of meiosis.

(b) Diagram the alternate, adjacent-1, and adjacent-2 segregation patterns in anaphase I of meiosis.

(c) Give the products that result from alternate, adjacent-1, and adjacent-2 segregation.

30. Red-green color blindness is a human X-linked recessive disorder. A young man with a 47,XXY karyotype (Klinefelter syndrome) is color-blind. His 46,XY brother also is colorblind. Both parents have normal color vision. Where did the nondisjunction occur that gave rise to the young man with Klinefelter syndrome?

31. Some people with Turner syndrome are 45,X/46,XY mosaics. Explain how this mosaicism could arise.

*32. Bill and Betty have had two children with Down syndrome. Bill's brother has Down syndrome and his sister has two children with Down syndrome. On the basis of these observations, which of the following statements is most likely correct? Explain your reasoning.

(a) Bill has 47 chromosomes.

(b) Betty has 47 chromosomes.

(c) Bill and Betty's children each have 47 chromosomes.

(d) Bill's sister has 45 chromosomes.

(e) Bill has 46 chromosomes.

(f) Betty has 45 chromosomes.

(g) Bill's brother has 45 chromosomes.

*33. Tay-Sachs disease is an autosomal recessive disease that causes blindness, deafness, brain enlargement, and premature death in children. It is possible to identify carriers for Tay-Sachs disease by means of a blood test. Mike and Sue have both been tested for the Tay-Sachs gene; Mike is a heterozygous carrier for Tay-Sachs, but Sue is homozygous for the normal allele. Mike and Sue's baby boy is completely normal at birth, but at age 2 develops Tay-Sachs disease. Assuming that a new mutation has not occurred, how could Mike and Sue's baby have inherited Tay-Sach's disease? 34. In mammals, sex-chromosome aneuploids are more common than autosomal aneuploids but, in fishes, sex-chromosome aneuploids and autosomal aneuploids are found with equal frequency. Offer an explanation for these differences in mammals and fishes.

*35. A young couple is planning to have children. Knowing that there have been a substantial number of stillbirths, miscarriages, and fertility problems on the husband's side of the family, they see a genetic counselor. A chromosome analysis reveals that, whereas the woman has a normal karyotype, the man possesses only 45 chromosomes and is a carrier for a Robertsonian translocation between chromosomes 22 and 13.

(a) List all the different types of gametes that might be produced by the man.

(b) What types of zygotes will develop when each of gametes produced by the man fuses with a normal gamete from the woman?

(c) If trisomies and monosomies entailing chromosome 13 and 22 are lethal, what proportion of the surviving offspring will be carriers of the translocation?


36. Red-green color blindness is a human X-linked recessive disorder. Jill has normal color vision, but her father is colorblind. Jill marries Tom, who also has normal color vision. Jill and Tom have a daughter who has Turner syndrome and is color-blind.

(a) How did the daughter inherit color blindness?

(b) Did the daughter inherit her X chromosome from Jill or from Tom?


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