Worked Problems

1. In guinea pigs, white coat (w) is recessive to black coat (W) and wavy hair (v) is recessive to straight hair (V). A breeder crosses a guinea pig that is homozygous for white coat and wavy hair with a guinea pig that is black with straight hair. The F1 are then crossed with guinea pigs having white coats and wavy hair in a series of testcrosses. The following progeny are produced from these testcrosses:

black, straight 30

black, wavy 10

white, straight 12

white, wavy 31

total 83

(a) Are the genes that determine coat color and hair type assorting independently? Carry out chi-square tests to test your hypothesis.

(b) If the genes are not assorting independently, what is the recombination frequency between them?

(a) Assuming independent assortment, outline the crosses conducted by the breeder:

F1 Ww Vv

0 0

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