(b) The broad sense heritability is:

3. The heights of parents and their offspring are measured for 10 families:

Mean height of parents (cm) 150 157 188 165 160 142 170 183 152 173

From these data, determine:

Mean height of offspring (cm) 152 163 193 163 152 157 183 175 163 180

(a) the mean, variance, and standard deviation of height of parents and offspring;

(b) the correlation and regression coefficients for a regression of mean offspring height on mean parental height; and

(c) the narrow-sense heritability of height in these families.

(d) What conclusions can be drawn from the heritability value determined in part c?

(a) The best way to begin is by constructing a table, as shown below. To calculate the means, we need to sum the values of x and y, which are shown in the last rows of columns A and D of the table.

For the mean of parental height,

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