The Process of Eukaryotic Transcription

The process of eukaryotic transcription is similar to that of bacterial transcription. Eukaryotic transcription also includes initiation, elongation, and termination, and the basic principles of transcription already outlined apply to eukary-otic transcription. However, there are some important differences. Eukaryotic cells possess three different RNA polymerases, each of which transcribes a different class of RNA and recognizes a different type of promoter. Thus, a generic promoter cannot be described for eukaryotic cells, as was done for bacterial cells; rather, a promoter's description depends on whether the promoter is recognized by RNA polymerase I, II, or III. Another difference is in the nature of promoter recognition and initiation. Many proteins take part in the binding of eukaryotic RNA poly-merases to DNA templates, and the different types of promoters require different proteins.

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