Restriction fragment length polymorphisms were used to map the Huntingtondisease gene to chromosome

(a) Autoradiograph showing different banding patterns revealed by cutting the DNA with Hindlll and using a probe to chromosome 8. The RFLP A allele produces five bands. The C allele also produces five bands, but the first band is just below the first band produced by the A allele; AC heterozygotes have both bands, which are very close together. The B allele has an extra band representing a 4.9-kb fragment. (b) Partial pedigree of large family from Lake Maracaibo. Red symbols represent family members with Huntington disease; the RFLP genotypes are indicated below each person represented in the pedigree. Notice that persons with the disease carry the C allele, indicating that the sequences on chromosome 8 revealed by the probe are closely linked to the Huntington-disease gene.

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