Recombinant DNA Technology

Disembarkation of the Spanish at Veracruz by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Anthropologists have suggested that Europeans first transmitted tuberculosis to the Native Americans. The polymerase chain reaction—a technique for amplifying very small amounts of DNA—has now demonstrated the presence of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis in a 1000 year old mummy from Peru, demonstrating that the disease was present in South America long before Europeans arrived. (Diego Rivera, Disembarkation of the Spanish at Veracruz, 1951. Schalkwijk/Art Resource.)

PCR and the Arrival of Tuberculosis in America

Basic Concepts of Recombinant DNA Technology

The Impact of Recombinant DNA Technology

Working at the Molecular Level

Recombinant DNA Techniques

Cutting and Joining DNA Fragments Viewing DNA Fragments Locating DNA Fragments with Southern Blotting and Probes Cloning Genes Finding Genes

Using the Polymerase Chain Reaction to Amplify DNA

Analyzing DNA Sequences

Applications of Recombinant DNA Technology


Specialized Bacteria

Agricultural Products

Oligonucleotide Drugs

Genetic Testing

Gene Therapy

Gene Mapping

DNA Fingerprinting

Concerns About Recombinant DNA


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