Genome of species C

28. The presence (+) or absence (—) of six sequence-tagged sites (STSs) in each of five bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones (A-E) is indicated in the following table. Using these markers, put the BAC clones in their correct order and indicate the locations of the STS sites within them.


29. How does the density of genes found on chromosome 22 compare with the density of genes found on chromosome 21, two similar-sized chromosomes? How does the number of genes on chromosome 22 compare with the number found on the Y chromosome?

To answer these questions, go to the Ensembl Web site:

Under the heading Ensembl Species, click Human. On the left-hand side of the next page are pictures of the human chromosomes. Click on chromosome 22. You will be shown a picture of this chromosome and a histogram illustrating the density of total genes (uncolored bars) and known genes (colored bars). The number of known and novel (uncharacterized) genes is given in the upper right-hand side of the page.

Now go to chromosome 21 by pulling down the Change Chromosome menu and selecting chromosome 21. Examine the density and total number of genes for chromosome 21. Now do the same for the Y chromosome. (a) Which chromosome has the highest density and greatest number of genes? Which has the fewest?

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