(Source: S. S. Kety, et al., The biological and adoptive families of adopted individuals who become schizophrenic: prevalence of mental illness and other characteristics, In The Nature of Schizophrenia: New Approaches to Research and Treatment, L. C. Wynne, R. L. Cromwell, and S. Matthysse, Eds. (New York: Wiley, 1978), pp. 25-37.)

What can you conclude from these results concerning the role of genetics in schizophrenia? Explain your reasoning. The following pedigree illustrates the inheritance of Nance-Horan syndrome, a rare genetic condition in which affected persons have cataracts and abnormally shaped teeth.

(a) On the basis of this pedigree, what do you think is the most likely mode of inheritance for Nance-Horan syndrome?

(b) If couple III-7 and III-8 have another child, what is the probability that the child will have Nance-Horan syndrome?

(c) If III-2 and III-7 mated, what is the probability that one of their children would have Nance-Horan syndrome?

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