In a particular strain of Neurospora, a poky mutation exhibits biparental inheritance, whereas poky mutations in other strains are inherited only from the maternal parent. Explain these results.

Antibiotics such as chloramphenicol, tetracycline, and 17.

erythromycin inhibit protein synthesis in eubacteria but have no effect on protein synthesis encoded by nuclear genes. Cycloheximide inhibits protein synthesis encoded by nuclear genes but has no effect on eubacterial protein synthesis. How might these compounds be used to determine which proteins are encoded by the mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes?

A scientist collects cells at various points in the cell cycle and isolates DNA from them. Using density gradient centrifugation, she separates the nuclear and mtDNA. She 18. then measures the amount of mtDNA and nuclear DNA present at different points in the cell cycle. On the following t

Cytokinesis t


Cell cycle

The introduction to Chapter 1 described how bones found in 1979 outside Ekaterinburg, Russia, were shown to be those of Tsar Nicholas and his family, who were executed in 1918 by a Bolshevik firing squad in the Russian Revolution. To prove that the skeletons were those of the royal family, mtDNA was extracted from the bone samples, amplified by PCR, and compared with mtDNA from living relatives of the tsar's family. Why was DNA from the mitochondria analyzed instead of nuclear DNA? What are some of the advantages of using mtDNA for this type of study?

From Figure 20.8, determine as best you can the percentage of human mtDNA that is coding (transcribed into RNA) and the percentage that is noncoding (not transcribed).

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