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4 5.6 Gene interaction in which two loci determine a single characteristic, fruit color, in the pepper Capsicum annuum.

To illustrate how Mendel's rules of heredity can be used to understand the inheritance of characteristics determined by gene interaction, let's consider a testcross between an F1 plant from the cross in Figure 5.6 (RrCc) and a plant with green peppers (rrcc). As outlined in Chapter 3 (p. 000) for independent loci, we can work this cross by breaking it down into two simple crosses. At the first locus, the heterozygote Rr is crossed with the homozygote rr; this cross produces 1/2 Rr and 1/2 rr progeny. Similarly, at the second locus, the heterozygous genotype Cc is crossed with the homozygous genotype cc, producing 1/2 Cc and 1/2 cc progeny. In accord with Mendel's principle of

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