Quantitative genetic methods are being used to improve and predict racing speed in thoroughbred horses.

• Thoroughbred Winners Through Quantitative Genetics

• Quantitative Characteristics

The Relation Between Genotype and Phenotype

Types of Quantitative Characteristics

Polygenic Inheritance

Kernel Color in Wheat

Determining Gene Number for a Polygenic Characteristic

• Statistical Methods for Analyzing Quantitative Characteristics

Distributions Samples and Populations The Mean

The Variance and Standard Deviation



Applying Statistics to the Study of a Polygenic Characteristic

• Heritability

Phenotypic Variance Types of Heritability The Calculation of Heritability The Limitations of Heritability Locating Genes That Affect Quantitative Characteristics

• Response to Selection

Predicting the Response to Selection Limits to Selection Response Correlated Responses

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