4 2.15 Meiosis is divided into stages.

chromosomes recondense, the spindle re-forms, and the nuclear envelope once again breaks down. In interkinesis in some types of cells, the chromosomes remain condensed, and the spindle does not break down. These cells move directly from cytokinesis into metaphase II, which is similar to metaphase of mitosis: the individual chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate, with the sister chromatids facing opposite poles.

In anaphase II, the kinetochores of the sister chro-matids separate and the chromatids are pulled to opposite poles. Each chromatid is now a distinct chromosome. In telophase II, the chromosomes arrive at the spindle poles, a nuclear envelope re-forms around the chromosomes, and the cytoplasm divides. The chromosomes relax and are no longer visible. The major events of meiosis are summarized in Table 2.2.

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