Most tumors contain a variety of types of chromosome mutations. Some tumors are associated with specific deletions, inversions, and translocations. Deletions can eliminate or inactivate genes that control the cell cycle; inversions and translocations can cause breaks in genes that suppress tumors, fuse genes to produce cancer-causing proteins, or move genes to new locations, where they are under the influence of different regulatory sequences. More information on chronic myeloid leukemia

This chapter has focused on variations in the number and structure of chromosomes. Because these chromosome mutations affect many genes simultaneously, they have major effects on the phenotypes and often are not compatible with development. A major theme of this chapter has been that, even when the structure of a gene is not dis rupted, changes in gene number and position produced by chromosome mutations can have severe effects on gene expression.

Chromosome mutations most frequently arise through errors in mitosis and meiosis, and so a thorough understanding of these processes and chromosome structure (covered in Chapter 2) is essential for grasping the material in this chapter. The process of crossing over, discussed in Chapter 7, also is helpful for understanding the consequences of recombination in individuals heterozygous for chromosome rearrangements.

This chapter has provided a foundation for understanding the molecular nature of chromosome structure (discussed in Chapter 11). The movement of genes through a process called transposition often produces chromosome mutations, and so the current chapter is also relevant to the discussion of transposition in Chapter 11. The discussion in this chapter of chromosomes and cancer is closely linked to the more extended discussion of cancer genetics found in Chapter 21. Variation produced by chromosome mutations, along with gene mutations and recombination, provides the raw material for evolutionary change, which is covered in Chapters 22 and 23.

Connecting Concepts Across Chapters)"

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