Are the genes that cause vestigial wings and the spastic mutation linked? Do a series of chi-square tests to determine if the genes have assorted independently.

16. In cucumbers, heart-shaped leaves (hl) are recessive to normal leaves (Hl) and having many fruit spines (ns) is recessive to having few fruit spines (Nl). The genes for leaf shape and number of spines are located on the same chromosome; mapping experiments indicate that they are 32.6 map units apart. A cucumber plant having heart-shaped leaves and many spines is crossed with a plant that is homozygous for normal leaves and few spines. The Fj are crossed with plants that have heart-shaped leaves and many spines. What phenotypes and proportions are expected in the progeny of this cross?

*17. In tomatoes, tall (D) is dominant over dwarf (d) and smooth fruit (P) is dominant over pubescent fruit (p), which is covered with fine hairs. A farmer has two tall and smooth tomato plants, which we will call plant A and plant B. The farmer crosses plants A and B with the same dwarf and pubescent plant and obtains the following numbers of progeny:

Progeny of
0 0

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