*37. Mr. Jones is a pig farmer. For many years, he has fed his pigs the food left over from the local university cafeteria, which is known to be low in protein, deficient in vitamins, and downright untasty. However, the food is free, and his pigs don't complain. One day a salesman from a feed company visits Mr. Jones. The salesman claims that his company sells a new, high-protein, vitamin-enriched feed that enhances weight gain in pigs. Although the food is expensive, the salesman claims that the increased weight gain of the pigs will more than pay for the cost of the feed, increasing Mr. Jones's profit. Mr. Jones responds that he took a genetics class when he went to the university and that he has conducted some genetic experiments on his pigs; specifically, he has calculated the narrow-sense heritability of weight gain for his pigs and found it to be .98. Mr. Jones says that this heritability value indicates that 98% of the variance in weight gain among his pigs is determined by genetic differences, and therefore the new pig feed can have little effect on the growth of his pigs. He concludes that the feed would be a waste of his money. The salesman doesn't dispute Mr. Jones' heritability estimate, but he still claims that the new feed can significantly increase weight gain in Mr. Jones' pigs. Who is correct and why?

*38. Joe is breeding cockroaches in his dorm room. He finds that the average wing length in his population of cockroaches is 4 cm. He picks six cockroaches that have the largest wings; the average wing length among these selected cockroaches is 10 cm. Joe interbreeds these selected cockroaches. From previous studies, he knows that the narrow-sense heritability for wing length in his population of cockroaches is .6.

(a) Calculate the selection differential and expected response to selection for wing length in these cockroaches.

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