amniocentesis or CVS

Tay-Sachs disease

Biochemical tests on cells obtained by amniocentesis or CVS

*A sample of fetal blood is otained by inserting needle into the umblical cord.

*A sample of fetal blood is otained by inserting needle into the umblical cord.

the disorder, a healthy embryo is selected and implanted in the woman's uterus.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis requires the ability to conduct a genetic test on a single cell. Such testing is possible with the use of the polymerase chain reaction through which minute quantities of DNA can be amplified (replicated) quickly (Chapter 18). After amplification of the cell's DNA, the DNA sequence is examined. Preimplantation diagnosis is still experimental and is available at only a few research centers. Its use raises a number of ethical concerns, because it provides a means of actively selecting for or against certain genetic traits.


Genetic testing is used to screen newborns for genetic diseases, detect persons who are heterozygous for recessive diseases, detect disease-causing alleles in those who have not yet developed symptoms of the disease, and detect defective alleles in unborn babies. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis combined with in vitro fertilization allows for selection of embryos that are free from specific genetic diseases.

genetic testing

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Connecting Concepts Across Chapters 9

This chapter builds on the basic principles of heredity that were introduced in Chapters 1 through 5, extending them to human genetic characteristics. A dominant theme of the chapter is that human inheritance is not fundamentally different from inheritance in other organisms, but the unique biological and cultural characteristics of humans require special techniques for the study of human characteristics.

Several topics introduced in this chapter are explored further in later chapters. Molecular techniques used in genetic testing and some of the ethical implications of modern genetic testing are presented in Chapter 18. Chromosome mutations and karyotypes are studied in Chapter 9. In Chapter 22, we examine additional techniques for separating genetic and environmental contributions to characteristics in humans and other organisms.

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