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122.20 Artificial selection has produced the tremendous diversity of shape, size, color, and behavior seen today among breeds of domestic dogs.

age milk production of the original herd is 80 liters and the farmer breeds cows with an average milk production of 120 liters, then the selection differential is 120 — 80 = 40 liters.

The response to selection (R) depends on the narrowsense heritability (h2) and the selection differential (S):

This equation can be used to predict the magnitude of change in a characteristic when a given selection differential is applied. G. Clayton and his colleagues estimated the response to selection that would take place in abdominal bristle number of Drosophila melanogaster. Using several different methods, including parent - offspring regression, they first estimated the narrow-sense heritability of abdom inal bristle number in one population of fruit flies to be .52. The mean number of bristles in the original population was 35.3. They selected individual flies with a mean bristle number of 40.6 and intercrossed them to produce the next generation. The selection differential was 40.6 — 35.3 = 5.3; so they predicted a response to selection to be

The response to selection of 2.8 represents the expected increase in the characteristic of the offspring above that of the original population. They therefore expected the average number of abdominal bristles in the offspring of their selected flies to be 35.3 + 2.8 = 38.1. Indeed, they found an average bristle number of 37.9 in these flies.

Rearranging Equation 22.21 provides another way to calculate the narrow-sense heritability:

and low-oil-content strains revealed that at least 20 loci take part in determining oil content.

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