A young girl with leprosy, a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. Leprosy causes characteristic patches of skin with a loss of sensation, as seen on the face of this young patient; if untreated, leprosy may lead to nerve damage and disfigurement. Genomic studies reveal the genome of M. leprae has undergone extensive gene loss, mutation, and rearrangement over evolutionary time. (WHO/OMS.)

• The Decaying Genome of Mycobacterium leprae

• Structural Genomics

Genetic Maps Physical Maps DNA-Sequencing Methods Sequencing an Entire Genome The Human Genome Project Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Expressed-Sequence Tags Bioinformatics

• Functional Genomics

Predicting Function from Sequence Gene Expression and Microarrays Genomewide Mutagenesis

• Comparative Genomics

Prokaryotic Genomes Eukaryotic Genomes

• The Future of Genomics

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