Connecting Concepts Across Chapters

This chapter introduced a number of modifications and extensions of the basic concepts of heredity that we learned in Chapter 3. A major theme has been gene expression: how interactions between genes, interactions between genes and sex, and interactions between genes and the environment affect the phenotypic expression of genes. The modifications and extensions discussed in this chapter do not alter the way that genes are inherited, but they do modify the way in which the genes determine the phenotype.

A number of topics introduced in this chapter will be explored further in other chapters of the book. Here we have purposefully ignored many aspects of the nature of gene expression because our focus has been on the "big picture" of how these interactions affect phenotypic ratios in genetic crosses. In subsequent chapters, we will explore the molecular details of gene expression, including transcription (Chapter 13), translation (Chapter 15), and the control of gene expression (Chapter 16). The molecular nature of anticipation will be examined in more detail in Chapter 17, and DNA methylation, the basis of genomic imprinting, will be discussed in Chapter 10. Complementation testing will be revisited in Chapter 8, and the role of multiple genes and environmental factors in the inheritance of continuous characteristics will be studied more thoroughly in Chapter 22.

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