Challenge Questions

33. On average, what proportion of the X-linked genes in the first individual is the same as that in the second individual?

(a) A male and his mother

(b) A female and her mother

(c) A male and his father

(d) A female and her father

(e) A male and his brother

(f) A female and her sister

(g) A male and his sister

(h) A female and her brother

34. A geneticist discovers a male mouse in his laboratory colony with greatly enlarged testes. He suspects that this trait results from a new mutation that is either Y linked or autosomal dominant. How could he determine whether the trait is autosomal dominant or Y linked?

35. Amanda is a genetics student at a small college in Connecticut. While counting her fruit flies in the laboratory one afternoon, she observed a strange species of fly in the room. Amanda captured several of the flies and began to raise them. After having raised the flies for

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