Challenge Questions

33. Would you expect to see attenuation in the lac operon and other operons that control the metabolism of sugars? Why or why not?

34. A common feature of many eukaryotic mRNAs is the presence of a rather long 3' UTR, which often contains consensus sequences. Creatine kinase B (CK-B) is an enzyme important in cellular metabolism. Certain cells—termed U937D cells—have lots of CK-B mRNA, but no CK-B enzyme is present. In these cells, the 5' end of the CK-B mRNA is bound to ribosomes, but the mRNA is apparently not translated. Something inhibits the translation of the CK-B mRNA in these cells.

In recent experiments, numerous short segments of RNA containing only 3' UTR sequences were introduced into U937D cells. As a result, the U937D cells began to synthesize the CK-B enzyme, but the total amount of CK-B mRNA did not increase. Short segments of other RNA sequences did not stimulate the synthesis of CK-B; only the 3' UTR sequences turned on the translation of the enzyme.

On the basis of these experiments, propose a mechanism for how CK-B translation is inhibited in the U937D cells. Explain how the introduction of short segments of RNA containing the 3' UTR sequences might remove the inhibition.

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