Bacterial and Viral Genetic Systems

A map of London in 1856. (Mylne, Robert W., Map of the Contours of London and Its Environs, Published by Edward Stanford, Charing Cross, London. Engraved and Printed from Stone by Waterlow and Sons, 1856.)

Pump Handles and Cholera Genes

Bacterial Genetics

Techniques for the Study of Bacteria

The Bacterial Genome


Gene Transfer in Bacteria Conjugation

Natural Gene Transfer and Antibiotic Resistance

Transformation in Bacteria Bacterial Genome Sequences

Viral Genetics

Techniques for the Study of Bacteriophages Gene Mapping in Phages Transduction: Using Phages to Map Bacterial Genes

Fine-Structure Analysis of Bacteriophage Genes

Overlapping Genes

RNA Viruses

Prions: Pathogens Without Genes

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