If a double-stranded DNA molecule is 15% thymine, what are the percentages of all the other bases?

A virus contains 10% adenine, 24% thymine, 30% guanine, and 36% cytosine. Is the genetic material in this virus double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, double-stranded RNA, or single-stranded RNA? Support your answer.

A B-DNA molecule has 1 million nucleotide pairs.

(a) How many complete turns are there in this molecule?

(b) If this same molecule were in the Z-DNA configuration, how many complete turns would it have?

26. For entertainment on a Friday night, a genetics professor proposed that his children diagram a polynucleotide strand of DNA. Having learned about DNA in preschool, his 5-year-old daughter was able to draw a polynucleotide strand, but she made a few mistakes. The daughter's diagram (represented here) contained at least 10 mistakes.

(a) Make a list of all the mistakes in the structure of this DNA polynucleotide strand.

(b) Draw the correct structure for the polynucleotide strand.

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