Physical resources infrastructure equipment and supplies

Many hospitals lack important equipment, some of which is inexpensive. For example, in Ghana, it was found that of 11 rural hospitals along major roads, none had chest tubes and only 4 had emergency airway equipment (11). These items are vitally important for the treatment of life-threatening chest injuries and airway obstruction, major preventable causes of death in trauma patients. Such equipment is inexpensive and much of it is reusable. The main reason for the absence of such vital equipment is a lack of organization and planning, rather than resource restrictions (10, 11). In Mexico, a lack of adequate capabilities for the repair of the one CT (computerized tomography) scanner at a major urban trauma centre resulted in prolonged periods of breakdown, which greatly impaired the care of head-injured patients (15). Programmes to assure the supply and maintenance of trauma-related equipment, appropriate to the specific circumstances of the given country, could help to address deficiencies of inexpensive but high-yield resources.

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