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Assessing Cognition Mental Status Examinations And Neuropsychological Evaluation

Nonnative English speakers may have insufficient knowledge of the language to be accurately assessed. However, a growing number of tests can be used with Spanish speakers for whom there are reasonable amounts of normative data (Hohl, Grundman, Salmon, Thomas, & Thal, 1999 LaRue, Romero, Ortiz, Liang, & Lindeman, 1999 Loewenstein, Arguelles, Barker, & Duara, 1993 Mungas, Marshall, Weldon, Haan, & Reed, 1996 Ownby, Harwood, Acevedo, Barker, & Duara, 2001 Stricks, Pittman, Jacobs, Sano,

Migration To The Cities The Process Of Immigration

Victimization, with significant adverse health consequences, due to their legal status and concomitant fear of discovery, their unfamiliarity with our legal system, their inability to speak English, and their dependence on the individuals who helped them to enter illegally. News reports have publicized widely the hardships faced by these individuals in relatively isolated geographic areas (Greenhouse, 2002 Rodriguez, 2002). Perhaps less well-publicized or known are the abuses suffered by these individuals in urban areas, which have included confinement in crowded, unsanitary conditions (Phoenix metropolitan area) (Billeaud, 2004), the imprisonment and sale of women into prostitution (Los Angeles area) (U.S. Department of Justice, 2003), the kidnapping of individuals' infants as ransom in exchange for forced labor (New York City) (Editorial, 1997), and the sale of young girls as sex slaves and indentured servants (Anaheim, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley, California Miami metropolitan...

Steroid sensitivity of avian vocal control networks is qualitatively similar in both sexes

The development of the vocal control system of the zebra finch. Zebra finch chicks start to vocalize around posthatching (P) day 3 5 (A). At this time, forebrain vocal areas are not detectable. At P9 or later (B), HVC and RA are detectable and contain androgen receptors, and estrogen receptors are expressed along the lateral ventricle. Chicks produce regularly begging calls and continue to do so throughout ontogeny. At about P25 (C), all vocal areas are differentiated (although in part sexually dimorphic) and contain androgen (red) or estrogen (green) receptors in both sexes. Further, all areas are connected as in the adults except HVC and RA and juveniles are still not singing. After the formation of the HVC to RA synapse between P28 and P35 (D), juveniles start to sing and forebrain vocal areas continue to differentiate. In zebra finches, most HVC neurons of the females do not form this synapse and the forebrain vocal areas become highly sexually dimorphic till adulthood...

Results Of Bias Research Jensens Review

Soon after Jensen's (1980) review was published, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council commissioned a panel of 19 experts, who conducted a second review of the test bias literature. The panel concluded that well-constructed tests were not biased against African Americans or other English-speaking minority groups (Wigdor & Garner, 1982). Later, a panel of 52 professionals signed a position paper that concluded, in part, Intelligence tests are not culturally biased againstAmerican blacks or other native-born, English-speaking peoples in the U. S. Rather, IQ scores predict equally accurately for all such Americans, regardless of race and social class ( Mainstream Science, 1994, p. A18). That same year, a task force of 11 psychologists, established by the American Psychological Association, concluded that no test characteristic reviewed made a substantial contribution to Black-White differences in intelligence scores (Neisser et al., 1996). Thus, several major...

Behavior And Reproduction

Toucans often live in small flocks of about a dozen birds or fewer. It's common to see a group gather high in a tree to vocalize together, in the early morning, evening, or after a rainstorm. The calls sound like harsh grunts and croaks. Group members also interact by preening each other. To cross an open

Cultural Considerations In Traditional Theories

In psychotherapy as locating psychological problems within the client. The effects of racial oppression and discrimination were acknowledged as psychologically meaningful experiences, but these experiences were assumed to reside solely within the person. The person was subsequently viewed inaccurately as culturally scarred and culturally paranoid (Helms, 1990). A similar argument continues to be made about non-English-speaking immigrants to this country. Their struggles with culture shock and the acquisition of a second culture sometimes have been turned against them as a sign of their inability to adapt to mainstream society (LaFromboise, Coleman, & Gerton, 1993). From this perspective, culturally different people were and continue to be viewed as inferior with few personal strengths and social resources to handle the racism and discrimination in society. These supposed deficiencies within people were expected to conflict with the psychotherapy process. Traditional models of...

The Central Task of Philosophy

What can philosophy contribute to solving the problem of the relation of mind to body Twenty years ago, many English-speaking philosophers would have answered Nothing beyond an analysis of the various mental concepts. If we seek knowledge of things, they thought, it is to science that we must turn. Philosophy can only cast light upon our concepts of those things.

Idiomatic and Conventional Expressions

A very recent research project on embodiment and metaphorical meaning looked at people's interpretations of metaphorical expressions about human desires (Gibbs, Lima, & Francuzo, 2004). This work also independently examined people's embodied experiences and used this information to make predictions about people's understandings of linguistic meaning. The metaphorical mapping of hunger onto desire is frequently found in talk of various kinds of desires, including lust and the desires for both concrete objects and abstract ideas events. Thus, American English speakers often talk of abstract desires in terms of hunger.

Role of Cultural Adaptation and Educational Attainment

Signed a study that controlled most of these confounds. Of the 14 measures used, Hispanic elderly scored poorer on 5 of the 14 measures. Surprisingly, most of these measures were nonverbal (i.e., Identities and Oddities, Benton Visual Retention Test matching (BVRT), and recognition. After obtaining these findings, the authors then grouped individuals according to three different acculturation groups. Acculturation was measured according to ease or fluidity of the English language. The three groups include adapted Hispanics (those that spoke good or very good English), a second group that was not acculturated (spoke little or no English), and a group that were native English speakers. The three groups were equal in terms of age and educational attainment. The results indicated that no differences were found between either the acculturated Hispanics or the English speakers. However, differences were noted between the non-acculturated Hispanics and the English speakers. Based on these...

Controlling Cultural and Educational Variables in Neuropsychological Evaluations

The aforementioned information provides the clinician with a working hypothesis of neuropsychological impairment. This hypothesis helps the clinician identify the types of tests that are necessary and most appropriate. For example, if a person does not speak English (e.g., Vietnamese), the use of some portions of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (e.g., Speech-sounds Perception Test) would be totally inappropriate, because some items are nothing more than tests for phonetic understanding.

Overcoming Language Barriers

A particularly challenging situation faces caregivers when persons with dementia speak a language that is different from that of the caregivers. For example, Runi, Doyle, and Redman (1999) note that persons with dementia of a non-English-speaking background (NESB) are at substantial risk for having unmet needs. They note that if English was acquired as a second language, it is often lost or impaired to a greater degree than their first language. Understimulation in terms of not taking part in activities or communicating regularly with staff is a typical concern in caring for NESB persons with dementia. Runi et al. described a case study in which a person with dementia had resorted to speaking Italian, her first language, and was exhibiting aggressive verbalizations and or repetitive verbalizations not directed toward visible persons. Music was used as an intervention, in which both English-language and Italian-language music were played. They found that disruptive vocalizations were...

Impact of Demographic Socioeconomic and Health Characteristics

It is further important to remember emotional states such as anxiety and thought problems will affect a client's communication in a second language more dramatically than the first, as facility with a second language is more tenuous. A Sioux male who learned English second might look highly disturbed and in need of hospitalization to an English-speaking clinician. If this same client were able to speak with a clinician familiar with his first language, however, it might become evident the client is highly stressed but not in need of emergent intervention. Suzuki and Kugler (1995) also warn that the dysfluen-cies common when acquiring a new language can look like symptoms of a language disorder such as dyslexia.

General Multicultural Issues

It is also important to determine the potential impact of different levels of acculturation upon the assessment and treatment of a client. These levels can be defined in terms of number of years in the internal or the external acculturation process, age at which the client enters such process, and country of origin. The general assumption is that younger clients are more easily acculturated than older clients, and that as the number of years in those process increases the level of acculturation also increases. In terms of the country of origin, the main assumption is that a racial group tends to show a higher level of acculturation depending on their country of origin. For example, a client from the Dominican Republic residing in New York City is more easily acculturated than a client from Vietnam residing in the same city because the Dominican client has already experienced (in his or her country of origin) a great deal of U.S. cultural values prior to entering the United States,...

Goldschmidts Useful Developmental Approach

The German paleontological tradition also involved beliefs in heterodox notions such as orthogenesis and major saltations in evolution. Although Schindewolf's (1936) saltationism continued a German morphological-paleontological tradition (see Reif 1983a), it failed to elicit a following among English-speaking paleontolo gists and never led to a useful program of paleontological-evolutionary research in Germany. Thus, the German paleontological tradition also failed to penetrate evolutionary thinking in the English-speaking world. But the same period of the late 1930s and 1940s included another major movement in paleontology, pioneered largely by George Gaylord Simpson and later by Norman D. Newell (e.g., 1952), which made great progress in the understanding of evolutionary biology and macroevolution.

Conglobata Controversial Views

Mouly (Paris) 31 tried to reconcile the French and American views, drawing attention to the fact that French authors essentially knew the axillary features of the disease, whereas the Anglo-Saxon authors described the perineal features extensively. He insisted also on the fact that hidrosadenitis was commonly designated under the name of Verneuil in the English-speaking medical literature. He incited his French colleagues to acknowledge Verneuil's primary work and to definitively coin the disease maladie de Verneuil.

Gavia stellata

Behavior and reproduction This is the only loon that can take off for flight from land because it doesn't require a running start from water. It is also the only loon species to vocalize in pairs, as mated couples do on breeding ponds. The call is a long, low-pitched whistle with individual notes interspersed, and both mates call at the same time.

Lagopus lagopus

Behavior and reproduction Willow ptarmigans often sleep in snowbanks in winter, which they get to by flying, rather than walking, so as not to leave tracks for predators to follow. They live in large groups of both sexes in winter. Males are territorial in the spring and vocalize to set boundaries.

Nyctea scandiaca

Behavior and reproduction Snowy owls rarely vocalize outside of the breeding season. The typical call is a gruff, low-pitched hoot. They nest right on the ground, usually on a raised mound. A typical clutch has five eggs. The female incubates the eggs for thirty-one to thirty-three days while the male feeds her. The young leave the nest after twenty to twenty-eight days but cannot fly well until they are about fifty days old.

Social cognition

Visual social signals provide information in social interactions. The simplest signals are threat or appeasement gestures. Visual social signals that guide another animal's attention to an object or event require more complex cognitive skills. For example, monkeys and apes will join another animal to investigate jointly an object of interest. Referential pointing and referential gazing are social signals that call attention to an object or event removed from the actor. Chimpanzees and orangutans can interpret pointing in humans. They also point and vocalize to draw a human's attention to a distant object or event. However, these apes do not typically use pointing to communicate with one another and their use and interpretation of pointing varies with the amount of human contact they have had.

Green tea

Historical note Tea has been a popular beverage for thousands of years and was originally grown in China, dating back 5000 years, where it has been used as part of various ceremonies and to maintain alertness. Green tea and the partially fermented oolong tea have remained popular beverages in Asia since that time, whereas blacktea is the preferred beverage in many English-speaking countries. Tea was introduced to the Western culture in the 6th century by Turkish traders (Ulbricht & Basch 2005). Second to water, tea is now considered to be the world's most popular beverage.

Fourtoed sengi

Four-toed sengis ground-rap or foot-drum with their hind feet, to sound warnings, invite the opposite sex during mating, and apparently to excite underground ants, which respond with sounds of their own that the sengi can hear and use to locate, uncover, and eat the ants. Individual four-toed sengis vocalize with shrill, cricketlike calls. They do not make nests, but shelter beneath dense vegetation or in random depressions.

Cultural Knowledge

There are many accessible, brief texts that summarize the population characteristics as well as the brief history of the major Asian ethnic groups in the United States (e.g., Cao & Novas, 1996 Kitano & Daniels, 1995). This background knowledge about the demographic characteristics and the history of various Asian ethnic groups serves as a necessary building block for performing culturally competent assessment and treatment. The knowledge of cultural diversity within the Asian American population will make it less likely for the clinician to make broad stereotypical assumptions about their Asian American clients. For example, although many traditional Asian cultures hold Confucian gender roles, the Filipino culture prior to the Spanish domination held much more egalitarian gender roles (Sustento-Seneriches, 1997). By knowing which Asian ethnic groups entered the United States at which points in the history, the clinician is able to narrow the questions needed to assess the particular...


The story of eugenics will be left for a later chapter, but it is little wonder that this history of intelligence testing has left most academics, especially those in the social sciences, with a profound distrust of anything to do with IQ tests. When the pendulum swung away from racism and eugenics just before the Second World War, the very notion of hereditarian intelligence became almost a taboo. People like Yerkes and Goddard had ignored environmental influences on ability so completely that they had tested non-English speakers with English tests and illiterate people with tests requiring them to wield a pencil for the first time. Their belief in heredity was so wishful that later critics generally assumed they had no case at all. Human beings are capable of learning, after all. Their IQ can be influenced by their education so perhaps psychology should start from the assumption that there was no hereditary element at all in intelligence it is all a matter of training.

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